Monday, June 15, 2009

2nd revision

Having a love-hate relationship with this model this is more hate. I looked up anatomy reference of wolves, now it's looking like a wolf with the monster's ears from before.


EricWu said...

I like the additional detail to the face. But I think it's deviating too much from the original design. Especially with the slope of the neck. And it needs to be meaner looking!

Maha said...

You should check out wild dog or hyena anatomy rather than wolf since hyena was sorta what was the inspiration behind this guy. Good to see you modeling.

corinne said...

I think you kind of fell into the same trap I fell into with my Bowser Sculpt: rounding out the forms thus making it more friendly than scary. Going back to the original design, especially the sloped back, lowered head and pointier face, should help :) .